ECMAScript is my spiritual beast.
UltCombo’s avatar. Illustration of a powerful dark mage wearing a dark blue hood with an animal skull on top. The skull has an embedded light green jewel.

I’m Fabricio Matte (UltCombo), a senior full stack engineer—Node.js, React, Open Web Platform, workflow and deployment tooling—, JavaScript evangelist and open source collaborator. I’m a Node.js engineer at through .

Striving to make the world a better place, one line of code at a time.

ls ~/workspace

Ultaro the ultimate Linux environment, optimized for power user developers.

action-filter-deleted-branches a GitHub Action to stop workflow if push event is triggered by deleting a branch.

a collaborative website about the latest JavaScript features and tools. Built with Harmonic.

a static site generator developed with the latest ECMAScript features on the Node.js platform. Built with slush-es20xx.

a fully optimized ECMAScript.next development and deployment workflow.

gulp-buster a blazing fast and fully configurable cache buster hashes generator for gulp.

switch a simple React Native app to relieve anxiety and stress.

ultcombo.js.org an offline capable, fully optimized Progressive Web App (PWA). You are enjoying it right now! 😎

atom-sublime-block-comment an Atom Editor plugin to toggle block comments, inspired by Sublime Text.

ult-terminal a simple terminal emulator for Atom Editor.

un-ungithub a Chrome extension to remove the "un"s from the GitHub interface.

uri-path convert relative file system paths into safe URI paths.

glob-manipulate glob manipulation utilities.

innerator JavaScript built-in functions rewritten to understand generators.

ecologically-correct-writing a fun initiative to improve technical writing.

UltVoice a library to implement voice commands using the Speech Recognition API.

poly-checked a miraculous :checked pseudo-class polyfill for IE8 and below.

blink-tag a polyfill to enable the <blink> tag in modern browsers.

WTHPL the true freedom license.

tcc-harmonic my end-of-graduation-course monograph on Harmonic (in Portuguese).

traceuroso an ECMAScript.next workflow for developing modular packages with no build steps.

Sublime-SemicolonifyJS a Sublime Text 2/3 plugin which automatically semicolonifies your JS files upon save.

UltButtons a project to improve the jQuery UI Checkbox and Radio Buttons’ usability.